Love your photos again

★★★★★ I wish our software was as slick as this! (Steve Bobbs) ★★★★★ Best piece of software since Angry Birds! (The Tiimes) ★★★★★ My photos are finally organised - I can sleep at night again! (OCD Enthusiast) ★★★★ So simple, even I can use it - while cooking and watching TV! (Grandma) ★★★★ We never thought we'd sort through our wedding photos. Thank you PhotoZapper! (Andy & Emma) ★★★★★ I downloaded PhotoZapper before I even bought a camera (Fred)
Organise photos for Windows 8

So… you’re back from your hols - You and your seven squidabytes of photos. You move them safely to your computer and then… nothing.

You know you should really sort them out, get rid of the crappy ones and send some good ones to your parents. Also, it’d be nice to view and enjoy them.

But you don’t, because this process is soooo boring.

PhotoZapper to the rescue.

PhotoZapper is a super-simple no-nonsense app that lets you sort through your photos, rotate then AND enjoy them in one go.

Go ahead, give it a try – and love your photos again.

Three simple steps to photo bliss

First of all forget all about this

Organise your photos

Select the photos you want to zap and choose the folders you’d like to organise them into (such as “Best photos”, “For Family”, “Photos of cats” and “All others”)

Organise your photos

Using PhotoZapper’s super-minimal interface enjoy a slideshow of your photos. At the same time rotate them, delete crappy ones and choose the destination folder for each.

Organise your photos

You're done!